WWDC 2013 App Released

As things hot up for WWDC next week, Apple has released the WWDC app for this year. With it comes an interesting sneak peek at what might be the new design direction for iOS that is widely expected to be revealed.

The app typically serves as a guide and contains the schedule and a map of the conference. It's exciting seeing all the “Session to be Announced” entries in the schedule. Should mean there's a lot to be revealed next week.

However, the way that the app differs in style from the previous few years is what's most interesting. It's all together flatter and more modern looking. Gradients are still used but their use is greatly reduced. The drop shadow on the main UINavigationBar has also been toned down. Personally, I still prefer the use of slight gradients and drop shadows such as this to provide hints and affordance to the user. Windows Phone and Windows 8 forgoes the use of these at all which is what contributes to it's starkness in some cases.

Check the app out for yourself here.