Adding Hot Module Reloading to Create React App

The React team have just released Create React App. It's a quick and simple way to get started with a single-page React application and I expect it's going to be popular as it's already got over 2000 stars on GitHub in less than a day!

Help the Durandal Kickstarter

There's still time to help get the Durandal Kickstarter funded!

Samsung Asks If You're “Geared Up”

This advert has to be seen to be believed.

Scott Hanselman's 2014 Tool List for Windows

Scott has posted his yearly collection of great Windows power user and developer tools.

Thoughts on Hybrid Mobile App Development

I've been doing some hybrid mobile app development using PhoneGap recently and now that I've completed a few applications I wanted to summarise my thoughts.

New Version of EchoesJS

I never posted here upon its release but a few months ago I released an app for Windows Phone called EchoesJS.

The Design of the New Bing Apps for Windows Phone

I managed to get hold of the new Bing apps for Windows Phone 8 this morning. At first glance they seem like simple ports of the Windows 8 versions but I think there are some differences that signal a shift in direction for Windows Phone.

WWDC 2013 App Released

As things hot up for WWDC next week, Apple has released the WWDC app for this year. With it comes an interesting sneak peek at what might be the new design direction for iOS that is widely expected to be revealed.

Massive Breakthrough in Battery Design

Great article over on ExtremeTech about how the University of Illinois have managed to design a new type of lithium-ion battery design.

Stay Classy Samsung

Samsung has admitted to hiring a marketing agency to post fake user reviews on the web.