About Me

I've always been interested in computers and was introduced to coding by typing programs from a magazine into my Amstrad 64K. Needless to say, they rarely worked as a single typo would render the whole thing unusable. But I was hooked. The fact that that typing a load of crap in to the computer would produce something you could play with was amazing to me.

These days my coding techniques are a little less “type and hope”. At least I like to think so, anyway! I started off in the Microsoft world doing Windows Forms. After a couple of years I made the natural progression to WPF and Silverlight.

Another couple of years later I had the opportunity to jump over to web development. Working with HTML/CSS/JS was one of those things I knew the basics of but didn't really know.

My days are filled at the moment designing and developing single-page applications. So I get to use techniques and thinking I've picked up one both web and native. I want to continue on this for next couple of years at least. Alongside this I'm really loving getting to know Node.js and going back to native development with iOS.

About My Site

I built this site using Locomotive, which is a thin wrapper over the Express web framework for Node.js. The site is running on Heroku and I'm using Mongoose to store my posts in MongoDB.

I really wanted to become proficient in Node.js and I find the best way to learn something is to have something meaningful to build. I usually use a book or two to learn something new but I found I didn't need to this time.

I'll be making the code available on GitHub soon.