Every Man and His Rendering Engine

Big changes in the web world yesterday as two new rendering engines were announced. Although one does seem bigger news than the other.

Facebook Mobile Reveal

So it looks like Facebook are going announce their entry into the mobile world this week.

Facebook Rolling out Messenger Phone Calling

All iOS users in the US can now make calls through Facebook Messenger.

New Microsoft Windows 8 App Building Guidance

Microsoft's solution to building composite applications was the Prism project. In this new age of Windows 8 it was clear that Prism was far too overcomplicated and didn't fit the types of UIs that are used in Windows 8; it was designed for a radically different type of application style.

A Fresh Start

I've spent the last few weeks making this site from the ground up. I was previously pointing my domain at a Tumblr site but as a developer I wanted a place to call my own. It's something I've wanted for some time, probably since I read Rob Conery's post a few years ago. Also, Scott Hanselman's post, Your Blog is The Engine of Community, was a call to action for me.

New USA Today Site

Just been checking out the beta of the new USA Today site.

Windows Phone 8

So Windows Phone 8 is announced and as rumoured current generation phones are left partially stranded.

WP7 Phones May Not Be Upgradable to Apollo

Big uproar at the moment about whether existing WP7 phones will get an upgrade to WP8 (Apollo).

Instagram Founders Video

Cool video from May 2011 given by the founders of Instagram.

Apple Announces iPad Event

Apple just dropped a bomb whilst Eric Schmidt was giving his MWC Keynote.